Thursday, September 8, 2011

how to sell your work on the internet

. Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today I'm speaking about how to sell your work on the internet. How I was able to get my first dollars and gain money from working on the internet, how to be smart in selling my product to people who will pay for me and how to increase my income from working on the internet.

First I was looking to sell my products through the internet and I wasn't completely understand some ways of selling my product, so I decide to be on myself and look for good way to sell my product.

First I wasn't sure about what I'm doing, then I became more serious about this issue and I tried to spread my business, first I signed up in and I start posting what I'm able to do, at the beginning I start selling videos (they were not professional) and I tried to sell 5 but I couldn't sell anything then I thought again what I'm able to do then I remember the Photoshop which I adore and I made new offer on fiverr selling my Photoshop workings :D and I wrote about it on twitter to my 300 followers and I wait till I woke up one day I checked my account on fiverr and I didn't believe my eyes I saw a notification of the first order, YES I did it and here is my first buyer want me to work for her, and the next day I saw another order to buy my Photoshop works !!! I was so so happy and I got my first $8 from both orders.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do you need help in QuestNet LTD registration

. Wednesday, September 15, 2010

free help :)
 Hello everybody every where, if you want to register in Gold Quest LTD and you don't know how or "Why" you register in gold quest company you can just send me a message on my email and I will reply within few hours with the information you need about registering in gold quest ltd.

My id is hu926181


Saturday, March 20, 2010

I got free credit from Adwords

. Saturday, March 20, 2010

25 dollar pictureI recieved FREE $25 promotional credit to try AdWords on my gmail account and I wanted to invest it in ads on adsense but till now I couldn't and may be I will give it to some one who need it really, thanks for Adel who registered with me in Gold quest and I got 50$ from him and now he need to work to make his base to build a good and safe ground to reach his first 250$ if he got only 6 people to buy from him ( any one could be internet marketer or seller and and register in quest net LTD )

see this movie


Saturday, September 19, 2009

learn how to make successful plan to successful site

. Saturday, September 19, 2009

If you interested in having successful site you will need to put successful plan to insure the success.

idea+successful plan
How to put successful plan
you need to concentrate on the site idea which should be good and clear. ask your self how visitors will find your site ( visitors that really interest in what you are giving in your site or blog) those visitors will back again to your site if they interested in it and they will invite other visitors to your site. The idea comes first but don't just keep it in mind, do it and make it real not just idea.

Love what you do
if make something you enjoy its doing this will make you produce more and better. so keep in mind to do what you need to do. I spent weeks and months to learn html language and edite the content in blogger templates because I loved to learn these things and I keep on learning what benefits me. If you wanted to make money from your site or blog keep in mind whenever you love your site you will keep upgrading it and this will reflect on your earnings.

The plan is different from goals
the plan is what your site will be about what and how it will look like
the goals is what you want you site to be, like having high traffic or high income
so hold your pensil and write your plan and your goals and try to make it true.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Products I bought from Gold quest , quest net

. Monday, September 7, 2009

quest net products
Hello , I would to tell you how much I earned from gold quest " quest net" Ltd company. First you need to register in quest net and you need IR ID number you should write this number hu926181 .

What I do to earn $2000 from quest net ?
I referred people to buy from quest net , all products of quest net is extremely worth every cent paid for. Quest net products made by hands (some of ).

So what are you waiting for now !! hurry up and register in Quest net and buy all what you need and earn by referring others to buy from quest net and you will get paid rapidly.

products I bought from Quest net
I bought about 8 products and they are
Bio disc and chi pendant ( for refreshing your self and to aquire positive energy)
In the sphere of scilence by
Vijay Eswaran
iconnect ( this is phone you make cheap international calls (few cents to all countries of world)
Watch renderset with gold
Golden coins
pendants from gold