Thursday, September 8, 2011

how to sell your work on the internet

. Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today I'm speaking about how to sell your work on the internet. How I was able to get my first dollars and gain money from working on the internet, how to be smart in selling my product to people who will pay for me and how to increase my income from working on the internet.

First I was looking to sell my products through the internet and I wasn't completely understand some ways of selling my product, so I decide to be on myself and look for good way to sell my product.

First I wasn't sure about what I'm doing, then I became more serious about this issue and I tried to spread my business, first I signed up in and I start posting what I'm able to do, at the beginning I start selling videos (they were not professional) and I tried to sell 5 but I couldn't sell anything then I thought again what I'm able to do then I remember the Photoshop which I adore and I made new offer on fiverr selling my Photoshop workings :D and I wrote about it on twitter to my 300 followers and I wait till I woke up one day I checked my account on fiverr and I didn't believe my eyes I saw a notification of the first order, YES I did it and here is my first buyer want me to work for her, and the next day I saw another order to buy my Photoshop works !!! I was so so happy and I got my first $8 from both orders.