Friday, March 6, 2009

Lead Your Internet Marketing by Casting a Wider Net

. Friday, March 6, 2009

Internet is a world of chance. I know it sounds like a truism, but you can literally target the world market from your comfort living room. Yet many marketers online think little. If you want to control your place and bring in the "real money" not pences, you have to start casting a wider net and start making prospects into your selling.

Many people come into Internet marketing with huge dreams. They talk of making numbers like $4000 per month and $11000 per month. Some even talk of doing this in one day. Yet their actions don't match their ambitions. You ask them what did they do in the last week to make their preferred amount, and they reply (not much). They don't use enough money on advertising tests and if they don't have the money, they are not working to bring in that free traffic.

If you wanted to make $4000 or $11000 per month, you will fail fast. Yes, drill that into your head! You need to start conducting marketing tests all over the Internet, find out what works, and then scale those strategies that work. That is the way to start making really big sums of money online. By finding out what works for your market quickly and then scaling it up big.

You are not going to do it by posting on forums all day, chatting on Twitter, or reading your emails. You will do it by starting pay per click marketing tests, writing articles, and making a blog for search engine optimization. The truth is, you need to do serious marketing online if you want to make it big. And the way to make it actually big, is by casting your net all over the Internet with your marketing.


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